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  Institute of Applied Metaphysics

A Brief History 




Questions and Answers 


Commonly asked questions and answers contributed by the founder, the President and other members of the Board of Governors. 


What is the Central Benefit of Studying the Universal Laws? 


Why should I study the catalogue?  A look at what makes it different. 


What is the Institute  of Applied Metaphysics? What is its Purpose? Who were the ones who revealed the Universal Laws? 


Who can Benefit by this Study? How do the Objectives of the Institute differ from Religion? Why is individual responsibility so important? 


Who may qualify for the Institute of applied Metaphysics? A basic introduction to the Institute and its purpose – Who were the ones who revealed the Universal Laws? 


What is the Mission of the Institute? – What is its Agenda and What will you learn? 

The Mission Statement and vision for the development of the Institute – What was the “gospel” or “good news” brought by Jesus? What is the mission of the Institute?  


The Decision 


Centers of Learning – A brief history – The University – How do you determine what and where to Study? Can what you seek be found in Universities, Churches, cults, speakers on the circuit, or only by going to some far off retreat, ashram or monastery? Is there any organized religion that will teach you what you need to know without strings, rituals and superstitions being attached? 


The Fields of Knowledge – The known and unknown about education. What are the fields of knowledge? Why is there such an impasse between scientists, theologians and philosophers? Why are not all of the fields of knowledge recognized by everyone? What are the methods of study? Can Science be fully trusted? Can religion be fully trusted? Why seek answers at the Institute  of Applied Metaphysics? 


The Philosophy of the Institute – A brief introduction to the philosophy of the Institute and the Universal Laws – What is the philosophy of the Institute? Where are the Universal Laws found? Are the Laws like the Ten Commandments? What are the Universal Laws? Why are they so important to identify and verify? 




Registration and Financial Arrangements – Applications, forms, contracts and Student Fees – What is the process of registration? How do you pay? How long does it take? 


The Agreement and the Registration Forms 



The Levels of Study – The three divisions of study and a brief synopsis of the material 

covered – What are the degree levels of the Institute? What are the books (courses) in each level? 



The Universal Law Society (ULS) a study of the Universal Laws



The Master of Manifestation and Acceptance (MA) This is an in depth study of manifestation and the process of creation as revealed by the Universal Laws.



The Philosophy of Applied Metaphysics (PhAM)  Texts taken at face value which carry a deeper meaning are revealed in metaphysical terms.  Texts assumed to describe a miraculous and spiritual aura are revealed as physical events.  This is a level of study that goes beyond most basic philosophy departments and theological seminaries.


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