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What are the degree levels of the Institute?  What are the books (courses) in each level?  


This is a more extensive study than what the synopsis of the courses might appear, but like any discipline we choose to undertake, it is a matter of taking one step at a time. How many times have you come to a conclusion about a particular subject, yet, once you had more facts, found that you had to draw a totally different conclusion?  Do not be surprised to find yourself in disagreement with some thoughts expressed in these lessons.  You may or may not change your mind as you gather more facts.  Whether or not you agree with Renford’s conclusions is not of primary importance.  Neither he nor the Institute is interested in proselytizing or cultivating a bunch of ditto heads.  Each student is on a journey of Self-discovery.  The purpose of the books and the course is to help, not get in the way. 


It is hard to go against the grain of accepted thought.  Who wants to be thought of as a quirky unstable person?  This is the way the general public is inclined to describe someone who does not think exactly as they do.  The matter of most importance is our learning experience and the progress we can individually make toward knowing who we are, why we are here and where we are going. 


The degree levels constitute the basis of certification we offer.  The first section is the introduction of the Universal Laws, the second section is the comparative study of ancient texts, and the third section looks into what understanding, or lack of understanding, of the Universal Laws means for us today.  The objective is to assist students in establishing personal harmony with the Universal Laws. 


This program currently utilizes ten of the Renford Books and three workbooks.  Also, selected works by authors of note and elective classes are available.  There are books that are designated as required reading and there is an extensive list of source material.  There are elective courses of an introductory nature.  Further studies require a classroom or direct contact with the teacher.  The Lesson Questions are educational in themselves.  In other words, the reader can glean new insight on the subject matter from the questions because they are not designed to test memory.  They reinforce the learning process.  The glossaries in each book are very important and should be studied in order to gain full benefit from the texts. 


Courses may change but once your program is underway your texts will remain valid.  The required books and a synopsis of each which make up the degree levels are listed under the three main headings.  Electives are listed in a different publication with a notation indicating to which level they belong. 



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