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  The Decision - Institute of Applied Metaphysics

Where do we go to find answers to the ultimate questions posed by man?  Why am I here?  Is there a God and is there any real purpose for me in relation to such a God?  What am I looking for?  Where do I go from here?  Why don’t events depicted in ancient texts, concepts so forcefully taught, and doctrines held to be the literal words of God make sense? How did we come to be here at this moment in time and under these circumstances?  


These are the perennial questions to which for many there appears to be no answers. Not being satisfied with the answers from the Church or from the scientific community, numerous philosophical writers have tried to answer these questions. They have done so with limited success. In the midst of it all, we can say that we believe this or that principle to be true, but we want to know if they are.  We want to be able to identify these principles and be able to verify them in a meaningful way from our life experiences. 

The Renford Books give a clear and logical explanation that provides a system for verification. 


There is now, and there has always been, but one source for the knowledge shared by the Great Masters.  Universal Being has always existed and the Universal Truths are the Divine Self-expression.  There have been those from the beginning who understood, but it was not then, nor is it now, possible to take in what we are incapable of understanding.  Therefore, the knowledge has been preserved or hidden in the open from man.  He carries that knowledge within himself, and when he has prepared his container to hold the volume, he has been able to receive it.  This study is designed for those who are prepared to expand their container.   

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