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Every great journey begins with the first step.  This is your introduction to the Institute  of Applied Metaphysics.  Seek to find answers to the perennial questions of man. Determine for yourself where you must go to find the answers.  Understand the fields of knowledge and seek the basis of all knowledge.  Confirm for yourself what the Institute is and its purpose.  


Whether you are primarily interested in personal unfoldment or seek to serve mankind in an altruistic manner, the answers lie in coming to know that the Universal Laws are the fabric of being, the rules of this game of life.  See for yourself the benefits that accrue to the serious study of the Laws by identifying and verifying each in your life experiences.  


There is a need for humanity to see how we are alike as opposed to how we are different.  While no amount of protest, peace flames or peace talk can break the cycle of war and violence for long, understanding of the Universal Laws is the foundation of world harmony. 


Learn about the study program and what you can do with it.  Check out the process of registration and the financial arrangements available.  Discover what it means to be a graduate of any level of the Institute and Counsel Membership in COR.   You are invited to participate in a most unusual study with a very uncommon institution.  Graduation leads to a process of transformation for yourself and those you will influence. This is a study and a path designed to assist all those who want to KNOW. 


This website contains a comprehensive look at the Institute  of Applied Metaphysics. There are free books available for downloading, The Searcher’s Roadmap, a pocket guide to the Universal Laws and The COR Document, an explanation of the truly unique objectives of the Church of Revelation.






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