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Registration and Financial Arrangements  

Information regarding the process of registration and how the Institute works is included in this section. All forms and contact numbers are available here. Information on the board of Governors as well as a question and answer session are included. 


What is the process of registration?  How do you pay?  How long does it take?  The Agreement?  The registration form? 


Anyone may buy and read a Renford Book or one of the selected texts, and be on the path to completing the program of study.  When you order the ULS Workbook with the lesson questions, you have essentially registered for the first level of study.  All of the Lesson Questions for the books/courses in this level are included.  When you complete a book, you can go directly to the Lesson questions.  You need only answer the multiple choice questions and send in your answers. 


It is possible you will go through the first level and never ask a question or without requiring assistance.   However, each step of your process through the levels can be facilitated by a Counselor, Teacher, a Master Teacher or a Metaphysician.  The results of your lesson questions will be reviewed and can be the subject of serious conversations.  You may ask questions at any time by mail, e-mail or fax and once completed, you may wish to pursue the process of Self-discovery in any number of ways.  No matter what steps you decide to take, you will be doing so with a better understanding of the Laws of Life.  It is much easier to stay in the game if you know the rules.  This is your life and purpose that you are working on.  This is your course of Self-discovery. 


You are welcome to take as long as you like and analyze till your heart and mind are content.  We are in no hurry.  We want to help with the process of self help.  You can read lessons and answer the questions and get out of the lessons what you can.  The Universal Law of Giving states that if you want to receive, you must first give.  In other words, you get out of the study program what you put into it.  If you give minimal effort at understanding, you will derive minimal benefit from the Institute.  The texts at each level present a world of material in the simplest manner possible. When you are ready to proceed, please complete the Registration and Order Form.   


Most of us have participated in and benefited by various meditations and personal development programs.  The important thing is that the one you choose should be the one for you.  It has to be one you can live with and benefit by. Your life is your path. You are, in the final analysis, totally responsible for what you manifest. You are the creator of your own work of art – your life.  We are ready, willing and able to assist.  Welcome to the Institute of Applied Metaphysics. 




Tuition and Fee Schedule 


Every effort has been made to provide comprehensive training in the process of self-discovery at an affordable price.  It is the founder and board or Governor’s intent that anyone who really wants to complete one or all three of the levels of study will be able to do so.  The following arrangements have been made to facilitate any applicant regardless of his financial position:


1) Advance payments for each level creates a savings amounting to 20% of the price of the combined courses and includes the texts books.


2) The second option is a course by course payment plan that can be completed at your leisure.  The student can construct and propose his own payment plan within reason.


3) Partial scholarships are awarded to those who have established their desire to study their program and their need for financial assistance to complete the first level.  The second and third levels will be considered on merit.


The bottom line is the founder and Board of Governors do not want money to be a factor for anyone who believes that the Institute of Applied Metaphysics is the program for them and who are keen to develop a ministry of light and love where fear has no power.

Each student is assigned a Counselor who is available for assistance, whether pertaining to the texts or to the objectives of the student.   The lessons are in the texts. The student need only read the text and answer the lesson questions found in the workbook. The ULS Workbook contains the lesson questions for the 7 books and 9 essays included in the first level. The online conferences are made up of question and answer sessions with regard to the texts.

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