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The services of IAMPress are primarily for first time authors and include pre-publication consultation, production and distribution of their books.  We re-publish books no longer in print or that must be cleaned up for publication.  We will also develop the marketing and distribution program for those who have produced a book but have not been able to develop the market.   


The strongest promoter of the book will be the author and we assist in this effort.  The most important service we offer to new authors is fundamental to their success as well as ours.  It is the critical consulting that will allow authors to make informed decisions about their manuscript, their book production as well as their distribution system.  When an author contracts with IAMPress, a whole team of specialists go to work.  Questions are asked and answered about the publishing business, the particular book to be produced and the methods and means of distribution. 


We strongly urge authors to initially produce and maintain control of their work.  This is usually referred to as self-publishing, but the author does not do this work.  It is not literally self-publishing but rather self-funding.  The consultation, book production as well as the marketing and distribution are provided by IAMPress.  We are the consultants, production managers and distribution agents for the book.  The author or backer is the funding agent. 


The publishing business has changed drastically with the advent of the computer, the internet and print demand services.  Independent “Print Demand” services as well as “Print Demand” divisions of publishing houses and book distribution companies have helped change the face of the publishing business.  IAMPress utilizes “Print Demand” companies in the marketing and distribution process but counsel authors that there are drawbacks to dependence on their book production services.  Authors may find it difficult to deal with the canned packages of these companies.  In some cases the editing process is awkward and the rules established by these companies to keep their costs low make it difficult for authors.  We know that authors must have a level of expertise with the computer, with editing, with proofing, with formatting, with book cover design and with the internet in order to affectively use these services.  We deliver a finished product to the “Print Demand” companies for the purpose of distribution and fulfillment and leave nothing to chance. 


“Print Demand” companies make it possible for a book to be available worldwide with fulfillment within a few days of the order being placed.  We also manage small scale print runs for inventory in support of speaking engagements and book signings.  The initial print-runs are usually for 100 – 250 books and provide a further opportunity to find any mistakes that may have slipped through.  These are copies that may be used for gifts, distribution networks and speaking engagements. 


IAMPress has a track record of producing quality books.  The company was originally created for the express purpose of developing and publishing The Renford Books, a multiple volume metaphysical, three level – course of study. Valuable experience for new authors was gained and is being shared.  IAMPress will consult with authors anywhere and on virtually any kind of book.  Our books are sold through bookstores, the Internet, seminars and publication advertising as well as direct mail. Every effective method of marketing and distribution can be utilized. 


The Process 


Fully inform the author – Authors must know where they are and what they have to work with in advance of any commitments.  The role of IAMPress at this stage is as publishing consultants.  The objective is to facilitate informed decisions on the part of authors. 


Proof reading and editing – This process may include people who critique a book because of their experience in a particular field.  It will always include experienced and qualified editors and proof readers. 


Formatting for Printing – The book gets a final check and a production meeting is held with the author before the book goes on to the printer or the print demand service. 


Artwork for book covers and illustrations – This includes artwork submitted for possible use as a cover, the layout of titles etc. on this artwork to develop the cover in an acceptable manner.  There are two different functions which usually requires different parties.  Payment for these functions are charged separately.  Illustrations may be required internally for a book or for advertising, seminars and workshops. 


Print production – IAMPress has contract printers, binders and all necessary production capabilities to deliver a paper back or hard cover version.  Once in print, even on a small scale, marketing and distribution becomes the next objective.  The IAMPress process of developing the market is a four-prong strategy.  To our knowledge, no service like it is available in one place, though all are available from different sources. 


Legal requirements – The ISBN registration, barcode and registration with RR Bowker are provided and completed by IAMPress. 


Marketing a Book 


There are a number of ways new authors can go about the process of making their books available, but most writers simply do not know much about the process.  They have heard about authors who spent frustrating years sending their manuscripts to publishers and faced only rejection.  The demand has given rise to a proliferation of independent facilitators and companies that help authors in the publishing process.  Generally, this means that they do the editing, formatting and proofing but are not equipped with the marketing expertise or connections to help much with distribution.  In other words, there is a market for “assisted self-funded publishing”


Print Demand companies facilitate the process and make available ways to market books.  They provide fulfillment services for online marketing and are tools we use.  However, it is necessary that an author, or those working with him, know how to provide everything for the Print Demand companies the way they want it.  These companies either provide no editorial services or refer authors to sub-contracted services.  They usually provide their services in packages authors have to live with – like them or not. 


Many new authors are delighted when someone tells them they can help get their books published.  They are less excited when they find that they have to pay for everything including the time and expertise of the one offering to help them publish their books!  They really are unaware of what publishing entails.  They have only seen the movie where one writes a book, sends the manuscript to publishers and waits for publishers to rush to them with a bonus check and possible movie rights.  The level of realism is quite low, and ignorance of the industry abounds.  Professional assistance and advice in the beginning of the process are invaluable. 


Unless writers have received some notoriety and can command a large fee on the front end, they are going to have to sell their books.  It is real work, and even the established publishing houses will want the author to dedicate substantial time at book signings and events designed to publicize the book.  This, however, is an area that facilitators of self-publishing and vanity press operations have not gone.  It is important not only to help the author put the book together but to have expertise in marketing the book.  A primary objective of IAMPress is to promote the author. 


To be successful, in any business the operator must be aware of the intricacies of the business or have supreme confidence in someone or advisor.  Publishing is no different.  In fact, it may be more complex than anything with which the author is familiar.  There are many pitfalls and numerous ways time and money can be wasted without the kind of service a new author needs.  The terms of production may be inexpensive, and an apparently generous contract may seem a sure thing, but if the publishing company is not capable of all that is necessary to get the book to the public, the author is not getting what he needs. If the author is not fully conversant with the system, it is a process of operating in the blind. Publishing houses may have numerous books but the new author generally has only one and can only get paid on the one he wrote. 


Authors who have gone through the arduous task of writing a book and then learning the ropes to self-publish will still have to master the process of marketing it. There is editing, proofing, formatting as well as printing and binding to be done.  And then there is the ISBN registration to be acquired and barcodes needed before a book can be released.  All these things are necessary, but distribution often brings a rude awakening, and it is infinitely more difficult.  Nowhere is a new author likely to have so many options and so much assistance in so many areas of the process of production and distribution as they will find with IAMPress and they will get this assistance from the beginning. 


Authors retain ownership of their property unless IAMPress, or another publishing house, contracts for the book.  In such cases, all costs related to production and distribution are paid for by the publisher. There is a difference in contracting with book distributors who market through bookstores and contracting with a publisher who has a distribution network. IAMPress not only helps get the book into print, but acts as an agent for contracting this type of company. 


Working with IAMPress 


1) IAMPress contracted printers and binders – From our printers will come the initial 100 - 250 books. Larger print runs will be made at the request of the author. Smaller print runs initially allow both IAMPress and the authors a chance to catch mistakes or make improvements before more substantial orders are placed. The best price possible on hard copies is established for book signings, seminars, workshops or speaking engagements.  These books are the ones authors sell as opposed to orders that come in from the Internet or that are sold in stores.  As noted, these print orders can be for as little as 100 books at a time thus conserving capital and avoiding expenses having to do with storage and shipping.  Obviously, large orders bring the cost per book down, but good fund management is critical, especially in the early stages.  It is quite acceptable to tie up capital in large print runs once you have a track record upon which to base orders. 


2) International Listings – Our books go to an international listing so that anyone, anywhere in the world, can walk into a bookstore with the title or author’s name and get a book dropped shipped.  This will include and other websites such as the IAMPress Cyberspace Bookstore.  Marketing from our Website involves more than simply a list of books.  It may include chat lines, interactive teleconference classes using the site and telephone conference calls.  As orders come in, even if one at a time, the book is downloaded, bound and drop shipped to the individual buyer or the bookstore that generated the order.  Again, there is no necessity for a large print order that will tie up capital resources. 


3) Book Distributor Contracts – A book distributor, publishing company or marketing organization may be contracted. Their outlets may be cyberspace bookstores or retail bookstores anywhere in the world.  They may be in a flea market, school, church or an Expo stall.  They may be direct book sales organizations or book clubs.  We may supply the publisher/distributor or he may further edit and publish under his own label.  Examples of various case situations can be provided. 


4) CD and cassette production – Another exciting way of distributing books is via CDs and cassettes.  Unless a book is rather small, it cannot be read in 90 or even 180 minutes.  The CD production is initially to provide the book on CD in print form.  Some people hardly read if they are not reading the computer, and others simply like to print them out themselves in order to save substantially on the price of the book.  Sound tracks can be added or excerpts that serve to introduce the cassettes.  CD production is inclusive in the price quoted for this four-prong strategy, but audio recordings will have to be quoted separately.  Note that E-books are part of the service provided by the Print Demand companies with whom we contract. 




  Our service begins with valuable information, and where it goes from there depends upon the conclusions of the author, which should be based upon the assessment we have provided.  It involves no guarantees except to fully inform and execute tasks to fulfill the objectives of the author. Authors often want to develop their own marketing program in addition to the production services and distribution services mentioned.  IAMPress will act as consultants to authors developing an independent distribution program.  Internet marketing, direct mail, seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, newsletters and advertising are all systems commonly used but requiring a professional approach.


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