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  Church of Revelation

Introduction to the Church of Revelation  

This overview is far too detailed for the casually interested. It was written for those who are seriously interested in knowing more about the Church of Revelation. From this material it is possible for one to make a decision about pursuing this avenue in one’s search for Self-unfoldment.

 COR was formed as my personal ministry.  No provision was made for members to join the Church.  It was not meant to be a faith based ministry where people who had faith in me or my teachings could come together to bring others to the same beliefs and purposes.  The Church organizational structure is modeled on ideas expressed by Karl Jung and Krishnamurti, both of whom were wary of the affect organizations and institutions have on the individual.  Upon the formation of an organization, the interests of the individual are superceded by the desires of the group.  One does not join the Church of Revelation but is awarded Council Membership upon completion of the first degree level of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics

 For many years the Institute of Applied Metaphysics was not associated with any religious organization but worked with many.  It still does this, but the Church of Revelation is closely associated with the Institute in that its program of development for members and its clergy is centered upon the course of study developed by the Institute.  This course is based upon the Renford Books.  A synopsis of each book is included. 

The Church of Revelation is unlike most religious organizations in that we do not have a single sacred text that we look to as the only inspired word of God.  We have no creed or “statement of faith”.  However, we do recognize a set of principles that were explained by all the Great Masters.  We have come to know them as the Divine Self-expression, which we can verify in our life experiences.  For this reason, we understand this to be a process of knowing as opposed to blind acceptance of any belief system no matter how old or hallowed it might be.  These principles can be found in virtually every religion known to man, and always they are the thoughts and words of the Masters themselves revealed in simple stories.

This document contains simple statements, which set out the principles upon which this Church is founded.  They are based upon the same principles found in the stories of the Great Masters.  We address the perennial questions of human beings, what we appear to have been searching for from the time we identified ourselves as thinking and reasoning beings.  We will explain why this Church was formed, our objectives and mission as well as the way we are proceeding to realize them.

Our focus is on sharing the process of evolution and unfoldment with all who are looking for answers. This is the process of conscious understanding and continued awareness. We are equally focused on ways to share our knowledge and skills in healing body, mind and spirit. This is a balanced approach we call Integrated Applied Metaphysics.

You will know how anyone may participate in a politics free organization on equal terms. We ask you to participate in any way you are drawn to do so, including being a Minister, Teacher or World Council Member. This is accomplished by completing the course of study.

You will find our meetings long on substance and short on form. We are not enamored with ritual, have no doctrine or dogma and ask no one to accept anything on faith. We simply provide a way for you to identify and verify the Universal Laws from understood life experiences. This accomplishment alone brings one to the point of knowing, which is our primary purpose.


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