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  About the Founder - Renford 

The Founder - RenfordThe founder of the Institute  of Applied Metaphysics, James Renford Powell, is the author of 13 books and three workbooks that form the basic texts of the Institute.  Numerous other books are used in the curriculum of the three levels of study, but the Renford Books are the core teachings around which the Institute was formed. 


He also founded the Church of Revelation to execute his ministry.  The mission of COR is to help individuals with their personal ministries.  It also serves the purpose of assisting individuals in meeting legal requirements where necessary. Renford and his teachings are not religious in nature but are spiritual in focus. His books are about knowing as opposed to acceptance on faith of anyone’s teachings.  He has been a life long student of the Bible.  The eldest child of a Christian minister, he trained for the ministry and served during the war as a missionary teacher in South Viet Nam. 


In his search for common ground with his students, he became a student of Eastern religions and philosophy.  Where he had been taught to look for the differences and evangelize lost souls, his studies led him to the conclusion that there were certain principles common to all religions.  All of his works pertain to the Universal Laws, which have been in existence before matter and time began. 


Renford remained abroad for 20 years, living and working in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe.  His books focus on the core, the very heart of religion and philosophy – the original principles taught by all the Great Masters.  Each book deals with how they are alike, as opposed to how they are different.  He maintains the differences came about due to the organization builders who came after the Great Masters. 


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